• Question: Why, if your favourite subject was maths, you chose to persue a career in science?

    Asked by flos.g1 to Ravinder on 9 Mar 2015.
    • Photo: Ravinder Kanda

      Ravinder Kanda answered on 9 Mar 2015:


      I got offered places to do Maths at Uni afte A-levels. But all of the places were not places that I thought that I would be happy spending 3 years in. 3 years is a long time!

      There are many careers that require maths. If you’re good at Maths, there are many options that are open to you. All of science involves maths. We need to be able to show that what is being observed, is not just a one-off, but actually statistically significant. I could use my maths skills to address other problems, which are important in genetics.